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Clinical Experience Solutions

CB Bridges™ Powered by CastleBranch

Our Comprehensive Clinical Compliance Platform

CB Bridges™ facilitates better collaboration for you and your clinical partners by standardizing the clinical experience process, paving the way for reportable data that not only tackles your biggest challenges, but elevates your connections from business relationships to True Partnerships.

As you and your partners assign, collect, review, and approve requirements on one, easy-to-use online platform, valuable data is aggregated that helps all parties gain a mutual understanding of problems, risks and rewards, and facilitates stronger collaboration to achieve like-minded goals and objectives.

The first of its kind. The last of your worries.

CB Bridges™ 5 Modules-CB Compliance Tracker, CB Clinical Placement, CB Clinical Scheduling, CB Pro Advantage Tracker, CB Time Management

CB Bridges™ thoughtfully integrates the solutions you need throughout the clinical rotation process, giving you peace of mind through a truly unique single source, yet multi-level, approach to the clinical experience.

Whether you take advantage of the entire platform or simply pick and choose modules as you go, CB Bridges™ is inherently designed to keep the entire clinical rotation process organized, on track, and on time—giving hospitals, schools, and students more time to focus on what really matters.

CB Compliance Tracker

Student compliance should be worry-free. CB Compliance Tracker digitally organizes and manages students’ CastleBranch-reviewed compliance documents, such as background checks, drug tests, fingerprints, verifications, and immunizations, so that:

Students can view and submit their requirements all in one place.
Schools gain peace of mind by verifying student compliance with ease.
Hospitals can pull custom compliance reports instantly, anytime.

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CB Clinical Placement

Clinical placement shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare. CB Clinical Placement centralizes and standardizes the process, allowing you to conveniently negotiate clinical placement opportunities for groups or individuals, so that:

Students get peace of mind through digitally-confirmed placements.
Schools can eliminate double-bookings with virtual conflict resolution.
Hospitals save time on face-to-face meetings by collaborating digitally.

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CB Clinical Scheduling

Clinical scheduling should be a seamless process. CB Clinical Scheduling enables you to digitally schedule and assign clinical groups or individuals into facilities or units all in one central location, so that:

Students stay on track with real-time updates on a clinical schedule calendar.
Schools get time-saving tools for both group and individual scheduling.
Hospitals save time with access to optimized reporting and scheduling grids.

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CB Pro Advantage Tracker

Clinical onboarding and orientation is now easier than ever before. CB Pro Advantage Tracker automates, tracks, and reports hospital-specific clinical onboarding and orientation requirements in real time—with student documentation customized to each hospital’s exact requirements, so that:

Students can act on site-specific documents in one convenient location.
Schools benefit from a centralized review and approval process.
Hospitals get custom reports tailored to their unique specifications.

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CB Time Management

The ability to smoothly manage clinical time is key to your peace of mind. CB Time Management allows you to record attendance and performative evaluations as well as track clinical shift hours by student, so that:

Students stay on track with real-time access to clinical hours.
Schools can seamlessly track student hours and access streamlined reporting.
Hospitals can easily access and track hours for accreditation reporting.

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Your worry-free path to a vastly improved clinical experience starts here.

CB Bridges™ has all the essentials you need—and some you may never have thought of—empowering you to immediately improve your clinical experience in one, easy-to-use online platform.
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