Time Management

We make time management the least of your worries.

With CB Time Management, recording attendance, tracking clinical shift hours and performing formative evaluations couldn’t be any easier.

  • Purposeful integration of Formative Evaluations
  • Identifies students who are at risk of not meeting their required clinical hours
  • Seamless collaboration between schools, students and clinical facilities
  • Partnership Management administers the process of multiple clinical relationships throughout the entire CB Bridges Platform
  • Automated, role based process and workflow between students, instructors, preceptors, and coordinators
  • Mobile-first design allowing instant input and feedback from anywhere at any time
  • Eliminates the paper process of providing required evidence for accreditation
  • Backed by our best-in-industry customer support with more than 70 help desk experts at the ready

An integral part of CastleBranch Bridges, the CB Time Management module provides the unique ability to record attendance, clinical hours, competencies as well as an instructor’s formative notes.

Formative evaluations requiring real-time student insight and action are built into the CB Time Management module and work seamlessly with the summative evaluation tools found within the CB Evaluations module.

CB Time Management enables you to report all hours tracked per individual student—ensuring each student is progressing favorably and meeting all course requirements in real time.

Members of each Clinical Experience group can work together to add, confirm and accept each shift’s attendance, notes and activities. What’s more, the appropriate students, instructors, preceptors and coordinators are notified when new hours are entered, confirmed or accepted.

CB Bridges platform solutions are backed by our best-in-industry customer support with more than 70 experts at the ready. We’ll support what we do best, freeing you up to do what you do best. Take advantage of CB Time Management today.
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