Our Story

Powered by hundreds of in-house experts, our vision is industry-wide peace of mind.

Our mission is to empower you to make
safe and informed decisions
through fully customizable screening and clinical experience solutions.

CastleBranch Headquarters–Employees at work at computers

CastleBranch Headquarters–conference room view

CastleBranch Headquarters–employees expanding their knowledge at group training session

We’re not new here, but our way of thinking is.

Our Leadership Team is proud to represent the 400+ employees who keep our company thriving through breakthrough ideas, industry best practices, and unparalleled resources and expertise.

CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Brett Martin-Founder, CEO CastleBranch

Brett Martin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Greg Larnder–Executive Management Consultant

Greg Larnder


CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team—Lauren Henderson, CFO

Lauren Henderson

Chief Financial Officer

CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Chris Bartosik–Vice President of Engineering

Chris Bartosik

Vice President


CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Nicole Bradford-Director of Business Intelligence

Nicole Bradford

Vice President

Research & Development

CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Tom Cucuel-Vice President Customer Success and Operations

Tom Cucuel

Chief Operating Officer

CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Kelli Davis-Vice President Data Intelligence

Kelli Davis

Vice President

Data Intelligence

CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Breann Dennis, Director of Core Operations

Breann Dennis


Core Operations

CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Pat Dunty–Director of Sales

Pat Dunty

Vice President


CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Mike Flack-Vice President Marketing

Mike Flack

Vice President


CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Bess Hilliard-Director Legal

Bess Hilliard



CastleBranch Our Story-Leadership Team-Dan Staples-Director of Information Technology

Dan Staples


Information Technology

Wilmington is our beautiful port city on the North Carolina coastline.

We work here. We thrive here.
It’s the place we call home.

Join Us

Giving back is important to us because we believe that a strong work culture is community–driven.

Here are some local outreaches we are currently involved in.