Clinical Placement

We’ve standardized clinical placement so you don’t have to.

With CB Bridges, Clinical Placement has never been this easy or efficient.

  • Designed for Group and Individual placement
  • Searchable placement opportunities and efficient work flow allows seamless collaboration between schools, students and clinical facilities
  • Partnership Management administers the process of multiple clinical relationships throughout the entire CB Bridges Platform
  • Real-time notifications expedite the filling of available seats
  • Backed by our best-in-industry customer support with more than 70 help desk experts at the ready

An integral part of CastleBranch Bridges, the CB Clinical Placement module enables schools and clinical facilities alike to conveniently negotiate clinical placement opportunities for groups and/or individuals participating in clinical rotations, view outstanding requests from schools for available time slots, and accept and review school reservations for open opportunities.

Clinical facilities have the ability to select clinical groups and/or individuals as well as the locations and time slots they wish to fill. School administrators can view available openings and request open time slots. When requesting an opening, school administrators simply select the desired location and time, and communicate important details back to the clinical facility—including number of students, program name, course, term, year, start and end dates, and more. Once the school has entered a request, the clinical facility will be able to review and either approve or deny the reservation.

With individual placement, schools can seamlessly track students who require clinical placements, the number of clinical placement requests made to various facilities and the number of requests accepted. In addition, placement requests and mentor assignments will be reported for each individual student.

CB Bridges platform solutions are backed by our best-in-industry customer support with more than 70 experts at the ready. We’ll support what we do best, freeing you up to do what you do best. Take advantage of CB Clinical Placement today.
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