Clinical Scheduling

“Easy to manage” and “clinical scheduling” are no longer mutually exclusive terms.

An integral part of CastleBranch Bridges, the CB Clinical Scheduling module enables administrators to effectively and efficiently schedule and assign clinical groups or individuals into facilities and units.

CB Clinical Scheduling can be utilized to schedule students to participate in clinical shifts. This allows users to plan and manage the student’s hours requirements, and ensures the student’s schedule meets his or her required course hours.

Additionally, CB Clinical Scheduling will alert both students and instructors of any important schedule changes to their clinical shifts.

CB Clinical Scheduling gives you all the vital, time-saving tools you need. All in one place.

With CB Clinical Scheduling, you’ll quickly discover why CB Bridges makes such an important difference.

  • Create and manage clinical groups
  • Plan and manage students’ hours requirements
  • Ensure students’ schedules meet required course hours
  • Alert students and instructors of schedule changes

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