CB FutureFocus ™ Diverse Student GroupCB FutureFocus ™ Diverse Student Group

Visualize Your Healthcare Professions Pipeline from Student to New Hire


Proactively identify and connect with health professions candidates before they graduate.

See promising students as they progress through your facility.

Human eye icon illustrationVisualize your talent pipeline and view all students participating at your clinical sites

Human eye icon illustrationAccess students for their entire educational journey

CB FutureFocus ™ Diverse Student Group

Qualify which skills and qualities make a great candidate.

Human eye icon illustrationMatch healthcare student criteria to your hiring needs

Human eye icon illustrationCollect meaningful data early and often

CB FutureFocus ™ Diverse Student Group

Connect with potential new hires before they graduate.

Human eye icon illustrationIncrease collaboration with partner schools and programs

Human eye icon illustrationIdentify and connect with promising talent before your competitors do

CB FutureFocus ™ Diverse Student Group

Hire best-fit professionals with knowledge specific to your facility.

Human eye icon illustrationImproved efficiency and quality of recruitment efforts

Human eye icon illustrationHire the best-fit candidates and measurably improve the placement and retention of new healthcare professionals

CB FutureFocus ™ Diverse Student Group

African-American student nurse smiling

Learn how to uncover great new nurses studying as students in your facility.

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