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Technicalities of Modern Life: Overcoming Hurdles Along the Path to New Normal

COVID-19 Vaccination Passports Must Make Room for Those who Cannot Receive the Vaccine to Safely and Responsibly Remerge from the Pandemic

April 23, 2021


WILMINGTON, NC—COVID-19 vaccination passports may provide the best path forward for individuals and organizations looking to safely and responsibly reemerge from the pandemic. But questions concerning logistical challenges, rights to privacy, and accommodations for those who cannot receive the vaccine for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons make implementation technically difficult and demanding.


Many companies have struggled to implement a solution that account for these nuances, leaving consumers and organizations having to decide between an incomplete solution, a solution that compromises their personal information, or no solution at all.


Which makes, a COVID-19 passport developed by CastleBranch, all the more remarkable.


CastleBranch, an infectious disease screening company with a 20+ year track record working alongside healthcare educators and facilities, launched earlier this year, predicting and solving for many of the technical challenges identified by experts. The driver’s–licensed sized card provides users with physical and digital proof of verified vaccination status, and features sophisticated anti–counterfeit technology to prevent forgery. Sensitive personal and medical information used to create the card is not collected or stored in a database to share with third parties, including government entities, advertisers or big–tech. Cardholders retain complete control and ownership of their private data, choosing where and with whom this information is shared. Similarly, CastleBranch recognized that many states allow for vaccine exemptions for those who are unable to get a vaccine for either medical, religious or philosophical reasons. In these circumstances, CastleBranch offers the waiver card, which empowers this segment of the population to communicate their request for exemption status safely and responsibly as society moves forward to the new normal.


“Any complete COVID-19 solution must accommodate those who have proof of vaccination and those who are unable to get vaccinated. It’s the law,” said Brett Martin, CastleBranch CEO. “And it must be done in a way that doesn’t compromise an individual’s privacy or self–sovereign digital identity.” He added, “ cards provide a path forward for both groups, helping us to re–emerge safely and responsibly from this pandemic without having to give up our individual rights or freedoms.”


Prior to being issued a card, individuals are asked to submit proof of their vaccination or vaccination waiver status, along with their name, date of birth, address, photo ID and other personal identifiers. A QR code and unique access code on the back of the card allows the cardholder to share their primary–source waiver documents with third parties — but only with the cardholder’s express permission and consent.


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