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Solution Needed to Address Increase in Vaccine Hesitancy for Medical, Religious, Philosophical Reasons Fueled by Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Pause

Colleges and Universities Must Have Path Forward for Students, Faculty, and Staff to Communicate Waiver Status When Vaccination is Not an Option

April 16, 2021


WILMINGTON, NC—While various federal agencies recommend a pause in administering Johnson & Johnson’s single–dose COVID-19 vaccine news outlets are reporting on the likelihood of it fueling an increase in vaccine hesitancy for medical, religious or philosophical reasons. For colleges and universities who mandate vaccines — but are required by state law to accommodate waivers – what’s the path forward.


One solution currently on the market, CastleBranch’s COVID-19 Waiver Card, provides a path forward for students who wish to be considered for a legally permissible waiver. The driver’s license–sized card provides validated physical and digital proof of an individual’s request to be considered for legally permissible waiver status due to medical, religious or philosophical reasons.


“Our experience reviewing over 35 million medical records and waiver documents over the last two decades and managing vaccination and waiver status for over 70 percent of healthcare education programs in the country has shown us that even before COVID-19, millions of people in our country were unable to get vaccinations,” CastleBranch CEO Brett Martin said, adding, “We kept these students in mind from day one when developing to make sure they had a responsible path forward to communicate their status to their schools and communities.”


Prior to being issued a card, individuals are asked to submit proof of their vaccination waiver status, along with their name, date of birth, address, photo ID and other personal identifiers. A QR code and unique access code on the back of the card allows the cardholder to share their primary–source waiver documents with third parties – but only with the cardholder’s express permission and consent. COVID-19 Waiver Card builds upon the company’s previous January 2021 release of the COVID-19 Vaccination Card, which helps individuals prove their COVID-19 vaccination status. is not a government–issued card, nor is it linked in any way to big tech. It is sold and managed by CastleBranch, an infectious disease screening company and accredited consumer reporting agency with strict processes in place to protect sensitive personal information from abuse and misuse.


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