Are you managing your student clinical rotations or are they managing you?

A Single Platform. A Clear Purpose. Zero Hassles.

Welcome to CastleBranch Bridges™—our most comprehensive clinical compliance platform ever. Built to overcome your most time-sensitive challenges, Bridges effectively streamlines the student clinical experience process—eliminating paperwork and standardizing the toolset. Resulting in better efficiency and better accuracy while utilizing the least amount of effort or resources. So you can focus on what’s most important.


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CastleBranch Bridges thoughtfully integrates the solutions you need—from any device, anywhere—throughout the clinical rotation process. Making it a truly unique single source, yet multi-level, approach to the clinical experience.


Take advantage of the entire platform or simply pick and choose modules as you go. Either way, CastleBranch Bridges is inherently designed to keep the entire clinical rotation process organized, on track and on time.

Compliance Tracking

Access CastleBranch provided and reviewed compliance documents such as: Background Checks, Drug Testing, Fingerprinting, Verifications, and Immunizations.


  • Student requirements are all in one place
  • Administrative tasks are centralized
  • Custom reporting

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Clinical Placement

School and facilities negotiate clinical placement opportunities for groups, individuals and preceptors.


  • Centralized and standardized clinical placement process for groups and individuals alike
  • Searchable placement opportunities and online placement requests
  • Real-time notifications when placement requests are accepted, declined or modified
  • Community benefit reporting
  • Develop a Preceptor Database

Clinical Placement
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Clinical Scheduling

Schedule and assign clinical groups or individuals into facilities and units


  • Create and manage clinical groups
  • Plan and manage students hours requirements
  • Ensure students' schedules meet required course hours
  • Alert students and instructors of schedule changes

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Pro Advantage Tracker

Managing the clinical onboarding and orientation process is now easier and more efficient than ever before. Seamlessly integrates compliance tracking, clinical onboarding and clinical orientation into one convenient, automated summary report—with student documentation fully customized to each hospital’s exact requirements.


  • Replaces manual/paper process with automation
  • Track and manage requirements in a single, intuitive role-based interface
  • Automated alerts keep students on track
  • Custom reporting delivered in the precise format required by clinical sites

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Time Management

Record attendance and track clinical shift hours by student.


  • Identify students who are at risk of not meeting their required clinical hours
  • Instructor verified hour entries
  • Track hours for accreditation reporting

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Provide online summative, formative and clinical site evaluations.


  • Provide continual feedback on students' competencies
  • Identify students in need of remediation
  • Ensure that student learning objectives are met and identify areas for improvement

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Ability to collect and report student data throughout their education and into their career.


  • Accreditation—reporting and tracking
  • Eliminates that "mad scramble" to assemble accreditation data
  • Better response rates than traditional surveys
  • Feedback becomes habit for students
  • No resources needed from the school
  • Early identification of potential accreditation issues
  • Accuracy that meets or exceeds accreditation criteria

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Experience a vastly different clinical experience.

CastleBranch Bridges™ is precisely designed to better connect health professions programs and clinical facilities. It comes with all the essentials you need—and some you may have never even thought of—immediately improving the clinical experience in one, easy-to-use online platform. To learn more, simply call 888.723.4263 x 8888.