Collaborative evaluations are now at your fingertips.

The CB Evaluations module has significantly re-imagined the clinical rotation evaluation process and workflow.

  • Applies proprietary industry learnings to the process of clinical rotation evaluation
  • Seamless collaboration between schools, students and clinical facilities
  • Provides continual feedback on students’ progress and competencies
  • Partnership Management administers the process of multiple clinical relationships throughout the entire CB Bridges Platform
  • Identifies students in need of remediation
  • Ensures that student learning objectives are met and identify areas for improvement
  • Helps meet requirements for accreditation through verification and reporting of student learning experiences
  • Backed by our best-in-industry customer support with more than 70 help desk experts at the ready

CB Evaluations reports on the status of all evaluations—grouped by course, instructor or student to effectively measure completion rates in real time. Students and instructors may each complete a summative evaluation. The results are then automatically combined for review. Subsequently, students and instructors will be notified when it is appropriate to act on an evaluation.

The CB Evaluations module provides both students and instructors with checklist items to complete for each summative evaluation—ensuring all parties remain on track and on time.

Summative and formative evaluations: Two modules, one game-changing combination.

CB Evaluations

CB Time


Summative and formative evaluations are complementary in their analysis but dissimilar in their approach, structure and reporting. That’s why we’ve integrated parallel technology within the CB Bridges platform—providing the sophisticated reporting necessary to prove compliance for academic accreditation, while automating a best-practice process.

  • Summative evaluations that include industry benchmarking are contained within the CB Evaluations module.
  • Formative evaluations requiring real-time student insight and action are built into the CB Time Management module.

CB Bridges platform solutions are backed by our best-in-industry customer support with more than 70 experts at the ready. We’ll support what we do best, freeing you up to do what you do best. Take advantage of CB Evaluations today.
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