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White House COVID-19 Plan to Protect Economic Recovery Via Employer Vaccination and Diagnostic Test Tracking

Large Employers, Colleges, and Universities Must Protect Financial Well-Being by Avoiding Fines When Implementing Solutions

  • The White House has prioritized protecting economic recovery in its COVID-19 Action Plan, but that recovery is at risk if large employers, who are required to implement a vaccine mandate, fail to do so and open themselves up to large fines.
  • Without a plan or documented audit trail to monitor vaccination status and diagnostic test results, employers, schools and healthcare facilities with 100+ employees could face up to $14,000 in penalties and fines per violation.
  • CastleBranch’s Diagnostic Test Tracking, paired with, provides an essential tool kit to track diagnostic test results, prove vaccination status, and create a secure audit trail to help protect organizations from liability.

September 23, 2021


WILMINGTON, NC—The White House’s six-pronged COVID-19 action plan takes steps to protect the nation’s economic recovery from the global pandemic, but large employers with 100+ employees may be at risk if they’re unable to comply with the government’s new vaccine and diagnostic testing mandate. With steep fines up to $14,000 per violation, many organizations are turning to experts in the field, such as infectious disease company CastleBranch, to help implement the complex mandate and protect their business from stalling out during the economic recovery.


Effectively tracking employee vaccines and weekly diagnostic tests throughout an entire organization adds an enormous burden onto internal HR departments, and violating the government’s mandate can come with severe financial penalties. To comply with the mandate, HR professionals will now need to review and track vaccination documentation across their entire staff. They’ll need to answer many questions, including, who received the vaccine? What was (were) the date(s) and manufacturer(s)? Will the individual need a booster? For those who don’t have the vaccine, have they submitted a weekly diagnostic test? What are the results?


CastleBranch, a company that released its first COVID-19 solution in April 2020 to help organizations mitigate risk, has identified another stumbling block for these large employers. If the company’s vaccine and diagnostic test tracking process is not carefully documented, creating a secure audit trail, they may be at risk for thousands of dollars in fines per incident in the event of an alleged violation, putting that company’s economic survival in jeopardy.


To help large employers, colleges and universities, CastleBranch created an essential tool kit: and CB COVID-19 Compliance. Included in CB COVID-19 Compliance is the company’s Diagnostic Test Tracking solution, which helps organizations track the results of a diagnostic COVID-19 test via a secure, password-protected platform. The tool helps organizations protect the employee’s private data and information, and also provides a detailed audit trail to help protect the employers from potential liability. The solution can be paired with, which provides digital and physical proof of COVID-19 vaccination status while helping companies create a secure audit trail.


CastleBranch built this essential tool kit with inspiration and guidance from some of the world’s leading epidemiologists and pandemic disease policy experts.


For more information, visit the CB Real Vaccination ID Resource page.

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