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CastleBranch is proud to partner with OADN

We provide organizations of all sizes with industry-leading 
 and clinical experience solutions that ensure your compliance.

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CB Bridges™ 6 Modules-CB Compliance Tracker, CB Clinical Placement, CB Clinical Scheduling, CB Pro Advantage Tracker, CB Time Management, CB Evaluations

CB Bridges™ thoughtfully integrates the solutions you need throughout the clinical rotation process, giving you peace of mind through a truly unique single source, yet multi-level, approach to the clinical experience.

Whether you take advantage of the entire platform or simply pick and choose modules as you go, CB Bridges™ is inherently designed to keep the entire clinical rotation process organized, on track, and on time—giving hospitals, schools, and students more time to focus on what really matters.



CastleBranch is proud to partner with OADN and to support its values of excellence and innovation by offering its members a worry-free path to a vastly improved clinical experience.

CastleBranch provides comprehensive background checks, drug testing, verifications, and immunization tracking services for higher education institutions, serving 67% of the country’s colleges and universities. OADN members can take advantage of a special partner discount of 15% off select screening services.

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CB Bridges™ has all the essentials you need—and some you may never have thought of—empowering you to immediately improve your clinical experience in one, easy-to-use online platform.
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