Intuitive elearning courses

Secure Your Organization’s HIPAA and OSHA Awareness and Compliance

Your employees and students rely on you to provide them with legally required HIPAA and OSHA training. Your community partners trust you to equip your team members with up-to-date, accurate information to ensure their compliance. Let CastleBranch help.

At CastleBranch, we provide an array of eLearning course options that are designed for mandatory compliance training. These eLearning courses ensure peace of mind for your partner facilities, empowerment for your students and employees, and strengthened partnerships for you.

eLearning courses provided by CastleBranch are:

  • Accessible from any internet-connected digital device
  • Intuitive and self-paced
  • Updated to reflect annual regulation changes
  • Cost-effective and convenient

With multiple HIPAA- and OSHA-related topics, including security scenarios for clinic personnel, compliance refreshers, and infection prevention and control, you can build a customized course outline to suit your organization’s needs.

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about custom eLearning options built for you.