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A New Standard: Nursing Education Unites Behind Real Vaccination ID to Prove COVID-19 Vaccination Status

OADN, AACN Partner with CastleBranch to Provide Real Vaccination ID Cards to Member Schools, Faculty & Students

February 22, 2021


WILMINGTON, NC—The Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), together representing over 80% of nursing education in the United States, have chosen Real Vaccination ID to help students, faculty and staff prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccination.


As the two most influential nursing education associations in the nation, OADN and AACN have partnered with CastleBranch to help provide their members with access to the unique cards. Each Real Vaccination ID card provides validated, physical proof of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status, convenient digital access to primary source vaccination documents, and includes sophisticated anti–counterfeit technology to prevent fraud and forgery.


“OADN and AACN are the two most prominent organizations in nursing education in the nation, and they have a deep understanding of the challenges we face when proving COVID-19 vaccination status,” said Brett Martin, CastleBranch CEO. “Their partnership is an essential step to helping protect millions of healthcare students, faculty and professionals, and validates both the need for cards like this and the legitimacy behind our approach.”


CastleBranch, the creator behind Real Vaccination ID, is the leading provider of vaccine and immunization review for healthcare education programs in the nation. Each Real Vaccination ID card includes a photo ID of the individual, along with their name, address, date of birth, physical identifiers, and a QR code. Cards are embedded with sophisticated technology to prevent counterfeiting and forgery, are laminated to prevent damage or destruction, and are backed up electronically in CastleBranch’s secure platform.


Third parties can use the physical card to confirm vaccination status, and can also view digital versions of primary source vaccination records by scanning the card’s QR code and entering the cardholder’s unique access code and PIN. Vaccination documents are reviewed by CastleBranch’s team of highly trained experts before a Real Vaccination ID card can be issued. The team will confirm vaccine manufacturer, administration date, time between doses, and verify the individual’s identity in a manner consistent with state and federal privacy laws. CastleBranch has reviewed more than 35 million medical documents and records over the course of its 20+ year history.


Within nursing education, Real Vaccination ID cards can be used to help students prove vaccination status and return to clinical rotations—a critical component of the students’ education required before they can transition to and through professional life. Protecting this pathway is important now more than ever, with healthcare facing a nationwide nursing shortage despite an incredibly high demand due to the COVID-19 and other stressor.


According to Brett Martin, personal data used to create these cards will never be sold to advertisers or third–party databases to ensure individuals retain complete control over their own self–sovereign digital identity.


CastleBranch’s Real Vaccination ID will be your passport to the world—but the world requires so much more of us than to just prove our vaccination status,” said Martin. “Those in healthcare know all too well the power of data and its importance in our everyday lives. But as more data is required of us to progress through everyday life, it becomes ripe for abuse by big tech and third parties who want to exploit that data.”


CastleBranch, said Martin, rejects this common practice.


“We believe the individual should own their own data—control their personal self–sovereign digital identities—not advertisers or search engines,” he said. Real Vaccination ID is our initial offering to help people collect and control their own personal data to help them progress through life. For healthcare professionals and students, it’s the beginning of a journey of self–knowledge and self–control, of discovering the power that comes when you’re in the driver’s seat of your own identity and your own destiny.”


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