CastleBranch and Becker’s Hospital Review explore a new approach to solving the nursing shortage crisis.

CB FutureFocus Application Demo Mock-up 

Strengthen your talent supply
chain from
student clinical rotations to
future healthcare
professionals with
data you can trust.

  • Gain visibility into students attending clinical rotations
  • Use insights, data and learnings to uncover which students will make great employees
  • Understand which schools and programs produce the best students and future employees for your facility
CB FutureFocus Application Demo Mock-up

Learn how to uncover great new nurses
studying as students in your facility.

Access a wealth of information to help you match the perfect individual, like Susan to the perfect open position.

CB FutureFocus Application Demo Mock-up
CB FutureFocus Application Demo Mock-up

CB FutureFocusTM allow you to:

  • Identify and track talented students within your facilities
  • View which partner schools and programs are sending quality students
  • Determine how many students are coming into your facility each year
  • Analyze if you are maximizing the hours; uncover hidden or unused hours
  • Access data across all externship locations
  • See where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going with a high–level dashboard view
  • Enjoy centralized reporting as opposed to accessing data housed across disparate programs to view intel on supply and demand for new graduate nurses
  • Utilize specific criteria to identify a fit between your facility and an individual
  • React quickly to gaps, trends and forecasts with actionable intelligence
  • View data in full compliance with data privacy and use regulations

Meet your new team
of Healthcare Professionals

CB FutureFocus Application Demo Mock-up
CB FutureFocus Application Demo Mock-up



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