Paper COVID-19 vaccination documents are easily forged, making it difficult to determine if someone has received the COVID-19 vaccine. Use Real Vaccination ID cards as verified, physical evidence of an individual’s vaccination status, complete with sophisticated anti-counterfeit technology, to ensure authenticity and peace of mind.

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You need to track who’s received the COVID-19 vaccine—and who hasn’t—to help keep your organization safe from COVID-19. But while tracking the vaccination seems simple, the truth is it’s anything but.

While the logistical challenges of tracking COVID-19 vaccination can consume major time and resources, handling private medical documentation requires you maintain compliance with a wide range of state and federal privacy laws.

The stakes are high—and one wrong move or well–intentioned mistake could put you on the wrong side of harmful litigation.

To track COVID-19 vaccination status, you need a system that can scale to systematically collect, document and store hundreds to thousands of documents at once, with expert reviewers to ensure document validity, manufacturer and administration dates.

You’ll also need to account for medical waivers in your population, and ensure documentation and reasoning for waiver requests are in line with your state’s specific requirements and regulations.

Once someone has successfully been vaccinated, you’ll want a way to easily identify that they’re safe to return onsite—a unique, validated identity that proves they’re no longer at risk. Current paper documentation lends itself to risks of fraud and forgery—not to mention damage or loss—so more permanent proof with anti–counterfeit technology will be crucial.

CastleBranch Can Help

CastleBranch has tracked over 35 million medical documents nationwide for individuals to gain entry to highly secure operating rooms, healthcare facilities and nearly every hospital in the country, and we’re here to help you track COVID-19 vaccine status across your entire organization. For decades, we’ve helped our clients collect, store, and review documents while maintaining compliance with a complex web of state and federal privacy laws.

  • Prompt employees to upload proof of vaccination to our secure, online platform
  • CastleBranch immunization experts review documentation for manufacturer, administration date, time between doses and more to determine if document meets your accepted criteria
  • System built to accommodate and track medical waivers
  • Results are shared, as appropriate, all while complying with HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, CCPA and more
COVID-19 Real Vaccination ID Cards

Upon verified vaccine status, individuals can acquire a CastleBranch Real Vaccination ID card so anyone can see, at a glance, that they’ve received an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Each card is paired with a unique access code that can be used to electronically verify the individual’s identity, vaccination status, and view validated primary–source vaccine documents
  • Real Vaccination ID cards include name, address, date of birth, photo, along with trusted anti–counterfeit technology such as ultraviolet ink, microtext, holographic film and silver foil to prevent fraud and forgery
  • Individuals retain ownership of all personal data used to obtain a Real Vaccination ID card
  • You can trust that the person holding a CastleBranch Real Vaccination ID card who matches their photo ID is the actual individual who has obtained the COVID-19 vaccination

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