As you protect your students from COVID-19, who’s protecting you? Know your classroom is safe before you arrive.

Since you’re now classified as an essential worker, you’re going to have to be in the classroom as long as your school is open, even as COVID-19 and influenza collide this flu season with nearly identical symptoms. Your institution has a plan for student safety—but what about your safety? Or your family’s?

You can’t see who’s sick until you walk into your classroom. Even then, sometimes it’s hard to tell. You’re not a healthcare worker—taking temperatures exposes you to infection and steals precious minutes away from your instruction time. And if you do identify a student showing symptoms, what’s the protocol?

You need a solution to keep you out of harm’s way while helping you to avoid spreading a highly infectious disease like COVID-19 throughout your classroom.

Becoming an Essential Worker means you should be protected like an Essential Worker

Imagine, an easy-to-read dashboard that gives you a reliable indication that your class is safe—before you walk in.

Identify students who are clear of symptoms and exposure—and those who are not.

Using CB COVID-19 Compliance, you gain visibility into student symptoms, temperatures, travel, and exposure on a daily basis. CB Roll Call compiles all this data, tagging students in need of further action/questioning and students who should not be in class due to health and safety concerns.

Simple. Accessible. Reliable.

You’ve dedicated your career to educating others—ensuring that they have the knowledge necessary to succeed in the classroom and throughout their professional lives. In turn, you deserve access to proven tools that enable you to maintain a safe, healthy and productive learning environment.

Built specifically to protect educators, CB Roll Call provides at-a-glance COVID-19 visibility that allows you to enter the classroom with knowledge and confidence.

Download materials below to share CB Roll Call with your administrators, peers or union.


Available at no cost to educators

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 affecting organizations nationwide, there couldn’t be a better time to put your trust in us.

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