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New to CastleBranch

How do I place an order?
Your school administrator will provide you with either your school portal web address or a specific Package Code to enter using If you have not received a package code from your school, please contact us at 888-666-7788 to request your package code information.

How do I create an account?
During the order process, you will be asked to enter an email address that will become your username. You will then be prompted to create a secure password for future account access, prior to continuing with your order.

If I am responsible for paying for my order, what are the payment options?
Options include: MasterCard, Visa, Discover or debit card. You may choose to pay for your order in monthly installments. The monthly installment amount depends upon the amount of the order. The installment payment also includes a $2.99 per installment payment fee. We also offer electronic check and money order for additional $10. Please note: use of electronic check or money order will delay order processing until total payment is received and processed. This typically takes approximately 7-10 business days.

How do I get order confirmation?
Upon completion of your order, an order confirmation page will display. This page will also be emailed to you. Once your account is established, a saved copy of your order confirmation will always be available to download from within your Document Center.

I'm a returning user, who is CastleBranch?
We're exactly the same company you've already established an account with. We just have a new name. Welcome to CastleBranch!

Has my username or password changed?
All usernames and passwords have remained the same. However, if you used your browser to store your username and password - you will likely need to re-set your password. Simply visit this link:
Remember, your username is the same email address you used to establish your account.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
Don't worry, you can simply reset your password by visiting:

What do I do if I am instructed to place a second or subsequent order?
Your school administrator will provide you with either your school portal URL or a specific Package Code to enter using If you use the same email address as your account username, your order will be added to your existing account, even if your order is with a different school or program. If you do place an order under a different email address, please contact our User Experience Team to have the orders merged with your existing account.

Managing your Account

From within your account, you can view order statuses, respond to requirements, view due dates, view your messages and access your results. Remember, your username is the email address you entered during the order process. We do provide a "forgot password" link if it has been awhile since you have accessed your account.

How do I update my username/email address?
To update your username (primary email address), please contact our User Experience Team at 888-666-7788. A representative will work with you to update all needed account information for future access.

What information is contained in "Messages"?
Within "Messages" you will find important alerts such as confirmation of order completion, notifications when faxed documents have been uploaded to "My Documents" and reminders about upcoming due dates.

Who will have access to my Account and order results?
School administrators have a unique secure portal that allows authorized users to view a list of their students and/or faculty, view To-Do List progress, get status updates, and view final results. The school administrators do not have direct access to your account.

What if I am no longer enrolled in my program?
If you are no longer enrolled, please submit an inquiry to our User Support Team from the 'Need Help?' menu within your account. Let us know to archive your trackers, and stop all future email notifications for your account.

Criminal Background Check

How long does a background check take to complete?
It takes on average 3-5 business days to complete a background check. Some state or county searches take a bit longer to conduct based upon the court systems in that jurisdiction.

How can I view my complete report?
Your results will be posted to your account To-Do List and can be accessed by clicking the blue "View Results" button.

What can I do to ensure quick processing of my background check?

  • Accurately enter your personal information -- double check that your date of birth is in the correct format mm/dd/yyyy and that you have entered your valid Social Security Number. If you are not a US Citizen and do not have a Social Security Number, you will enter 111-11-1111.
  • If a release form is required for a specific search we cannot proceed with the search until you have returned the necessary document. You will be notified if a release is required, please read and complete the document carefully and return it to us using the method listed on the form.

Drug Test

What is the process for a drug test?
Within 24 business hours of your order being placed, CastleBranch will register you to take your test with a lab in your area. We will communicate your registration information to you within your account or via an email. You will be responsible for scheduling your appointment at the designated collection site and providing your registration information at the time of collection.

The collection site will ship your specimen to the lab. A negative test result will report out to you within 3 days from collection. If the test is non-negative it will transmit to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to review. The MRO will contact you if they need information that would impact the results of your test. You will be contacted via the phone number you entered during order placement. You will also be able to view the "Pending MRO" status and the contact information for the MRO within your drug test To-Do List item. Tests that go through an MRO will report out to you within 5-7 days from collection.

What if it has been 2 days and I have not been notified that I have been registered?
First access your account and check the status of your Drug Test, it should display as "Registered." Expand the requirement to see if a registration form is attached. If not, check your email to see if you have an email from "Support Form Fox" or "OTS Support." If these steps do not work, you will need to contact the CastleBranch Service Desk.

Where do I view my results?
Your results will be posted to your account To-Do List and can be accessed by clicking the blue "View Results" button.

Clinical Requirements or Compliance Tracker

(also may display as a Medical Document Manager or Immunization Tracker)

This tracker is a custom list of requirements established by your school and based on the requirements of the clinical sites within your area. You will be responsible for providing documentation or respond to specific questions in order to complete each requirement.

Your requirements are listed in your To-Do List and often have due dates for you to complete each requirement. The most common requirements include: TB, Hepatitis B, MMR, CPR Certification, Varicella, Influenza and Health Insurance. Your program may require additional requirements.

Some requirements must be renewed on a scheduled basis, most often annually. The most common renewable requirements include: TB, CPR and Influenza.

How do I submit my documentation?
Open the requirement, click on the "Browse" button, and attach your first document. Click the "Add Another" button to attach each additional document. Click "Submit" when all documents have been uploaded. The status of the requirement will change to "In Progress" while your documents are being converted into a single PDF file. You also have options to mail or fax your documents. For more specifics on submitting your documents click here.

Will I be given reminders when I have an approaching due date or when something is overdue?
Yes, you will be sent an email once a week if you have requirements that are approaching or have passed their due date.

When I have completed my tracker requirements and am compliant, is there a way to print or download my results?
The results summary is available for download in "My Documents." The PDF file labeled "Results" is located in the folder with the corresponding tracker name. This results summary gives a snapshot of the current status of your tracker and the progress of each requirements within the tracker.

What does a tracker status of "Compliant" mean?
"Compliant" is a temporary status of completion when you have completed all current requirements on or before their due date.

In order to remain compliant, you must respond to each requirement on or before its due date. Your school most likely will not allow you to attend clinicals without being compliant. You may be pulled from your clinical rotation if you do not remain compliant.

What does a tracker status of "Overdue" mean?
Your tracker status reads "Overdue" when the overall tracker due date passes and you have one or more incomplete requirements - or when a specific requirement due date passes and you have not provided the necessary documentation.

Where can I see the tracker due date?
If your school has established a tracker due date, it will be located immediately below the tracker name. Some requirements may be due before other requirements and will have a due date prior to the tracker due date. Some requirements, the seasonal flu vaccine being the most common, may be due after the other requirements within the tracker or even after the overall tracker due date.

What does the tracker status of "Rejected" mean?
Your tracker is not yet overdue, but you have one or more requirements that are currently rejected and need your attention.

Why was my documentation rejected?
Documents may be rejected if they are illegible, loaded to the wrong requirement, or do not meet the specific guidelines.

The 3 requirements that are most often misunderstood and are therefore frequently rejected are:

Tuberculosis (TB)

The TB 2-Step Skin Test is the most common and cost effective method for determining if a person is infected with M. tuberculosis. The skin test is administered intradermally using the Mantoux technique by injecting 0.1ml of 5 TU purified protein derivative (PPD) solution. The reading and interpretation of the test reactions should be conducted within 48 to 72 hours of administration. Interpretation of TST results is based on the measurement of the reaction in millimeters, the person's risk of acquiring TB infection, or the risk of progression to disease if infected. A TST that was not measured and recorded in millimeters (mm) of induration must be repeated.

The second step repeats the process and MUST be administered 1-3 weeks from the first test.

You will need to wait until after your second test has been administered and read to upload your documentation to your TB requirement. Your documentation must contain the Administered Date, Read Date, and Result (negative, 0mm) for both tests.

If the second test has not been administered within the 3 weeks maximum from the first test, the documentation will be rejected and you will be instructed to take another 1-step test or start the 2-step testing process over again.

Please read your TB requirement carefully as your school may have additional guidelines that must be met.

CPR Certification

Check this requirement carefully for the authorized certification providers accepted by your school.

If the documentation you provide is your CPR Certification card - you must take a picture or make a copy of the front and back of the card. You will then attach the file to your requirement.

The documentation will be rejected if you failed to sign your card OR if your documentation does not show both the front and the back of the card.

Please read your TB requirement carefully as your school may have additional guidelines that must be met.

Influenza (Flu)

The flu season is commonly considered to run August-May.

The influenza season typically runs August-May but the vaccine may become available in some locations as soon as August. Consult your healthcare provider or pharmacy to determine the vaccine release schedule in your area.

Please refer to the due date listed for your influenza requirement prior to receiving your vaccination. Typically, your influenza requirement due date is past your overall tracker due date. This time extension is provided to ensure the 2016-2017 vaccination strain is available to be administered.

If you received the 2015-2016 influenza vaccine this year, you will need to be vaccinated again for the 2016-2017 strain. The influenza virus is constantly changing and the formulation of the vaccine is adjusted every season to keep up with the change in the virus.


How long does it take to get fingerprint results and who gets the results?
The time it takes to receive your results depends upon the package ordered. Once your fingerprints have been taken, you should expect the following turnaround times:

  • Florida or Michigan Live scan fingerprint results: Your school administrator will have web access to your results within three to five days.
  • Pennsylvania Cogent fingerprint results: Will be mailed to you by the state agency, and you will be asked to upload your results into your myCB fingerprint requirement.
  • Ohio Live scan fingerprint results: Will be pulled from the state agency website and uploaded to your requirement within five to seven days.
  • Nationwide Rolled fingerprint results: Will be mailed to myCB and uploaded to your requirement 10-15 weeks from the date of receipt.

Adult and Child Abuse Registry

Who receives my Abuse Registry results?
The recipient of your Abuse Registry results depends upon your order. Typically, results are sent directly to you. You will need to upload the results to your requirement. Your "To-Do List" instructions will advise on how you will receive your results. In some cases, the results may be sent to CastleBranch, and a representative will upload to your requirement.

When should I receive my results?
Abuse Registry results are generally returned within three to six weeks, but may take longer depending on your state's specific process.

Additional Questions

What if I still have questions?
We're here to help!

Chat: Find us in your myCB account and click the Chat With Us button
Phone: 888-723-4263, Option 1.

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday 8am-10pm EST
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